About Us

The Site

This site truly is a 'work in progress' and we trust it always will be. There simply cannot be a definitive collection of rugby songs, rugby anecdotes and the like. The game is just too big. Nevertheless we are doing our part to try to keep the spirit of the game alive by publishing any and all unexpurgated versions of the songs we find, are sent, borrow... or steal.

We truly do appreciate the efforts all those who've taken the time and trouble to write down their piece of the whole and sent it in for publication. We rarely refuse to accept anything, unless of course it is obviously and entirely plagiarised from some other poor sod who's worked hard to create a masterpiece, and even then we are open to persuasion!

The site will soon contain an expanded forum and other features to improve visitor enjoyment but pro tem, what you see is what you get!

The Team

Use of the word 'Team' is probably a bit of an overstatement as the site is maintained mostly (exclusively?) by 'Welsh Dog' who was brought up in and around the valleys of South Wales which as you know is both home, and breeding ground, of the most fantastic and fanatical singers the world has ever known! That Wales has also produced some the world's best Rugby Union players is no accident either.

In fact it could be argued, probably unsuccessfully, that development of the two have gone hand in hand.

Either way Welsh Dog, probably because he has never played a game of rugby in his life, has been landed with the job of preserving all that is good and great about the 'after-proceedings' of the games, i.e. the songs sung in victory or defeat... or just in celebration that the game exists at all.

Whilst born and bred in those havens of heaven, The Dog is now a resident and citizen of Australia... where the national game is Rugby League!

League or Union, the songs we sing are the same world over. The words may change, the tunes may vary, but Welsh Dog tries to keep pace with it all on this site - and fails quite spectacularly. The fun is just too much for one person to keep up with.

So, as said in other parts of the site... he needs your help to keep pace! Any and all information sent in will be appreciated and used. And that includes words, music, MP3's, reminiscences, anecdotes... whatever comes to mind.

Thanks in advance!