Clearly this is the links page, but we're trying to avoid it being like most link pages in that instead of just the url, we expect to add a short 'blurb' about the site we're referring you to. Also we intend the space to be used for other, visitor submitted links as well so if you have a favourite rugby related site not linked here, or some site related to mcuky lyrics etc then send inthe url with some info about the site and we'll add it to the list.

If it's your own site, or you have some 'influence' and can organise a reciprocal link to us, that'd be even better and really appreciated.

Talk Tidy
Talk Tidy is an 'homage' site created from the work of John Edwards whose work on Wenglish (the dialect of the valleys of South Wales) is justly famous. The collection includes some really cute little sayings. The site also seeks visitor input so make a suggestion and have your expressions saved for posterity

Online Dictionary of Playground Slang
This dictionary contains definitions and comments on some of the worst words in the English language. In parts it is very funny, in many others quite gross.

If you're looking for streeet cred or want to brush up on your gay slang, this is the place to go. Oddly it also has nursery rhymes, and playground games stored along with many of the rugby songs we have here. A very eclectic collection indeed but well worth a visit! :)

The ODPS also asks for users to submit words, song lyrics, games etc so if you can't find what you're looking for - write them a note and send them in!