Hello, and welcome to "Hymns and Arias". If you're wondering why a site filled with obscene lyrics has such an odd title, then maybe you've never been lucky enough to hear the Welsh comedian and singer, Max Boyce.

Max is a singer/comedian and a huge fan of Rugby Union. Amongst his prolific output, is a song relating how the Welsh "cheer on" their team by singing... "hymns and arias".... so now you know.

This site then is filled with lyrics. We store the lyrics to all those foul, filthy, sexist non-PC worded songs we love to bawl out in the pub after, before... or during the game (win, lose or draw).

In addition we store the words to some of those favourite hymns  and 'old favourites' we get maudlin to when 'in our cups'. Some of these songs have been around for a century or more but are still sung with all the reverence and heart a room filled with drunken men (and women) can muster.

By the way, while we obviously hope you enjoy touring around the site, and learn the words, we we hope for more.

What we'd like is for you to SING a verse or two, of one (or more) of the songs and send the results to us in the form of an MP3.

The best (or worst depending on how you look at it) will be loaded onto the web site for the enjoyment of others... not least because some of the tunes are a little obscure to the uninitiated!!

Sing alone, or in a group. Record at home, or the pub.... but please


So.... now you know what to do - let's go for it!!