Rugby Songs 


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Alphabet Song. (The... )
Bastard King of England. (The... )
Balls of O'Leary. (The... )
Ball at Killiemuir. (The... )
Can you walk a little way with it in, with it in?
Carolina, Carolina.
Christopher Robin
Cockles and Mussels.
Cow kicked Nellie in the belly. (The... )
Cuckoo.(The... )
Dinah, Dinah show us your leg?
Durex is a girl's best friend
Eskimo Nell
Every sperm is sacred.
Galaxy Song. (The... )
Farting Contest. (The... )
We're all queers together. (For... )
Harlot of Jerusalem (The... )
Hitler, has only got one ball.
I don't want to be a soldier.
If I were the marrying kind.
I met a whore in a park one day - yo ho, yo ho.
I'm my own Grandpaw.
Ivan Skavinsky Scavar.
Large Balls.
Little Lulu.
The Lumberjack Song.
Mayor of Bayswater. (The... )
My God how the money rolls in!
Monte Carlo
My Grandfather's Cock.
Oh! Sir Jasper!
One-eyed Riley
On the Street of a thousand Arseholes.
On top of Old Sophie
Roedean School
Roll me over in the clover.
The Sexual life of the camel.
Sing us another one do.
Sod 'em all!
Swing low Sweet Chariot.
There once was an Indian Maid.
There was an old lady
Three German Officers crossed the Rhine.
This old man.
T'was on the Good Ship Venus.
T'was Xmas Eve at the harem.
Virgin Sturgeon. (The... )
When I was a little girl.
Walrus and the Carpenter. (The... )
When Lady Jane became a tart.
Why are we waiting?
Why Was he born so beautiful
Wild Rover (The... ).